Back in 2013, I decided to create some transmedia content around my tentative film project titled “Stuffed!“.  “Stuffed!” was a feature screenplay based on my short films “Grow the Fuck Up!” and “Christmas Stuffing“.  To help promote “Stuffed!” I decided to create stories that branched off from the feature story: this included mini comics, video blogs, short stories, and a short web series.  I collaborated with some talented artists, but ultimately, the strategy was flaw and we stretched ourselves too thin.  It was a good learning experience.

The below mini comic was a collaboration with a comic artist from Vancouver, Nic Frey.  You can find more of  Nic’s work at  I wrote the script for the comic and Nic illustrated/inked/lettered it.  This comic hinted at Mr. Gregory’s relationship with Santa Claus before he was delivered to a young Margret one fateful Christmas Eve.

The lettering needed a lot of work, but it was an experiment.  It was a fun collaboration.

Indolent 1

Indolent 2

Indolent 3

Indolent 4



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