Angry Bear's main focus is the production of feature films for theatrical and digital release.

Angry Bear Film Productions was named after it’s founder’s disgruntled teddy bear character “Mr. Gregory”. Mr. Gregory is the beloved companion of middle-aged exotic dancer and talented painter/photographer, Margret Sapphire. After thirty years of diligent silence, Mr. Gregory lunges to life and set’s out on a quest to save Margret from herself, in the process, liberating himself from his emotional prison…

Like Mr. Gregory, people live their lives in silence, afraid to make waves. Deep down, we hunger for the truth to be told, the messy unedited truth. Life is messy; it’s complicated, confusing, and crazy as shit. Angry Bear Film Productions tells those messy stories; stories as odd as they are entertaining and relatable.

We rebel against the “ideal”.

We are always interested in new ways to tell stories and in cinematic innovation. Why force-feed people the same old stories, when we can invite them on a journey of discovery.

Angry Bear Film Productions is a film production company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Code of Ethics:

Objectivity: Although storytelling is a subjective art, Angry Bear acknowledges that the real world itself follows natural laws that can’t be willed away. We will do our best to acknowledge realities in our industry, as well as the greater world.

Fairness: We will make every effort to praise people for their work/accomplishments. We will give credit to those who deserve it, and avoid giving undue credit to individuals for political and promotional purposes.

Due Process: As a company, we stand by an investigative approach to drawing conclusions. We are opposed to “jumping to conclusions”. We will not state an “opinion” as a fact, without an adequate collection of evidence to back it up. We will not accuse employees, partners, competitors, audience members, or public figures of transgressions without a high bar of evidence properly acquired and analyzed.

Integrity: We will strive to be honest, reliable, professional, and deal with conflict in a civil and symbiotic fashion. We condemn lying, cheating, stealing, and manipulative behaviours. The excuse of “good intentions” or “the greater good”, as a way to justify the breaking of our ethics code, will not be tolerated.

Embrace of Variability, and opposition to oversimplification: “Variability” represents a range of possibilities. In both art and science, there are often multiple methodologies that prove effective in accomplishing a task. Although we respect standardized and agreed-upon practices, we oppose the idea that “there is only one way to do something” particularly when all available evidence proves that there are multiple good options. Rigid/restrictive views on artistic endeavours and practices will not be tolerated.


Back in 2009 I created Angry Bear Film Productions as an entity to produce my films under.

Before anything, I started out performing improv comedy. My goofy imagination eventually branched off into writing, and then filmmaking.

I have written/directed/produced seven short films. I wrote eight feature screenplays, and I co-wrote two other feature screenplays.  In addition to this, I wrote three tv/streaming pilots.

Comedy has always been my niche, but I’m also a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan. My feature screenplays range from dark comedy, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. My screenplays range from ultra-low-budget to sci-fi epic. I write the kind of stories I enjoy watching on screen, and reading in books and graphic novels.

I’ve also been fortune to have worked with some amazing cast and crew over the years, many of which I worked with time and time again. I had some talented and fun writing partners as well.

I also have a background working in film and television as a Lamp Operator in the lighting department. I’m a member of IATSE 891 in Vancouver, and a member of IATSE 873 in Toronto.