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The Ice Cream Man

Ice Cream Man

“The Ice Cream Man” is a song written/performed by Sean Jordan (The Wordburglar) and Peter Chapman, based on the dark comedy feature film project “Ice Cream Man” in development at “Angry Bear Film Productions.”

A Dark Comedy with a Sweet Tooth

The Feature Film


“With an explosive smile, Johnny dispenses tasty treats to the “wholesome” citizens of his small vacation town. One Saturday shift reveals that all is not well in Johnny’s life. He rebels against the prison that is his job and life, as the musical jingle from his truck slowly drives him towards madness.”

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Music Video

“Angry Bear Film Productions” plans to shoot a music video based on “The Ice Cream Man”.  We will introduce you to our Ice Cream Man, Johnny, in the flesh.  This high octane musical nightmare will send you spiralling into Johnny’s psyche, and like a shot of adrenaline to the heart, will get you good and pumped for the feature film to come.

A Wicked Collaboration

In the screenplay for the feature film, Johnny has one damn-near-apocalyptic work day.  Shitty get’s increasingly shittier with each new conflict that befalls him.  The story’s structure is loosely inspired by films such as “Four Rooms” and “National Lampoon’s Vacation”.  Each “situation” Johnny finds himself in is unique.  It’s Angry Bear’s intention to assemble a kickass team of songwriters to bring three or four original songs to life, ones that reflect each disaster.  Let the music embody the unpredictability of Johnny’s day.

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