Dark Comedy/Fantasy.  Short Film.

Santa stuffs the stockings with care… Unbeknownst to Santa, a young Teddy Bear spies from out of Santa’s sack. What the bear – Mr. Gregory – witnesses brings up questions of who this little girl might be and what impact she will have on Gregory’s life and destiny.  In the end, they’re all in for a big Christmas surprise.

Prequel to the twisted dark comedy short film affectionately titled “Grow the Fuck Up!”


After shooting GTFU we were left with a very functional puppet. We decided to shoot “Christmas Stuffing” for fun. It’s not as ambitious as GTFU was, but the humour’s the same.


You can watch the sequel to Christmas Stuffing at Grow the Fuck Up!


Slideshow – Captures, Production Stills, and Storyboards

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