Back in 2013, I decided to create a “cinematic universe” of sorts around my short film “Grow the Fuck Up!” and it’s feature screenplay counterpart “Stuffed!“.  I collaborated with other artists to create mini comics, video blogs, short stories, among other things.  All these pieces of media revolved around Mr. Gregory the teddy bear and his owner Margret Sapphire.  “The Intruder” was one such product of this wild process.

Within this universe, Mr. Gregory creates a series of video blogs to be stashed away in a time capsule.  He wanted the people of the future to know what his life with Margret was like.  The story of these blogs took place before the events in “Grow the Fuck Up!” and before Mr. Gregory reveals his sentience to Margret.

We shot twelve of these vlogs in various locations.  These include: Margret’s closet, attic, Jodie’s hotel, a police evidence locker, and the strip club in which Margret works “The Purring Pussy”.  I really should have shot one or two vlogs and kept the production value up.  They were incredibly fun to shoot, but I only released a few, ones I really liked.


For this vlog, I wanted to throw in a “celebrity cameo” for good measure.  A local standup comedian in Vancouver, Gerald Varga, caught my attention.  He created a character named “Gerald Gerald Geraldson” who cracked me up.  I thought his serial killer character would be the perfect “intruder” in this vlog.  Working with him was great fun.  You can learn more about Gerald at