The Bathtub, contained feature film project.

Poster designed by OLEH HOLYZOV.


A Dark Comedy Feature Film In Development:

The Screenplay for “The Bathtub” is complete, and further development is in consideration.



A life of luxury, excess, and pride, acquired through ill means, results in real estate mogul, Giorgio Wright, finding himself injured and trapped in his own bathtub. In a dangerously vulnerable state, and with his reputation on the line, Giorgio must escape, unexposed.


Contained Like a Baby in the Bathtub:

“The Bathtub” takes place in, more or less, a single location.  All action within the story resides within Giorgio’s penthouse.  A number of scenes – such as a high end party Giorgio hosts – are situated throughout the penthouse.  The bulk of the story takes place, quite obviously, in Giorgio’s excessively large bathroom.


What’s He Doing in There?

The comedy in this little gem combines witty dialog, slapstick comedy, and elaborate stunts.  Also, if you’re into overweight men in their 50s, in the nude, then this story is for you.  Giorgio, I can guarantee you, has the worst bath of his life.


Life Changing, but Not So Much Life Saving:

While trapped in his bathtub, Giorgio is forced to reflect on his life, his choices, and to reach out to anyone he thinks he can trust… which is a very short list.  Decades of corruption, cheating, manipulation, and exploitation, come back to haunt Giorgio, as he strives in vain to escape this humiliating entrapment, while making sure word never gets out.