Dark Comedy / Film

Ice Cream Man


“With an explosive smile, Johnny dispenses tasty treats to the “wholesome” citizens of his small vacation town. One Saturday shift reveals that all is not well in Johnny’s life. He rebels against the prison that is his job and life, as the musical jingle from his truck slowly drives him towards madness.”

A Tune to Set the Tone:

“Ice Cream Man” is an unappolegetic comedy that speeds head first into topics such as burnout, geek culture, depression, and escapism. As bitter as it is sweet, ICM puts you inside the head of an ice cream truck driver. We jump into the passenger seat and drive along on his route; we experience the hidden rigors of the job, the range of zaney customers, and a grating tune that is likely to drive, even the most apethetic of people, completely insane.



Visual Effects Demo

Above is a “musical hallucination” VFX demo for “Ice Cream Man

We created a visual effects demonstration using previsualization techniques, to give you a peak into one of Johnny’s hallucinations, brought on by the worst work day of his life.



More information:

You can find more information, and support the film, at it’s official online petition at




Year: In Development
Director: Chris Griffin
Writers: Chris Griffin
Starring: Not yet cast.